The Grandview Steelers hockey club is looking for you. We are looking for hockey players interested in becoming a part of the Steelers family. We know you as a hockey player have a great many options as far as your hockey career goes, we would like to take an opportunity to educate you on why the Grandview Steelers hockey club is the best place for you and your hockey career, and answer some questions you may have


The Steelers are one of Canada’s oldest Jr hockey teams established in 1967. We have a tradition of success both on the score board and in developing hockey careers and young men. We play out of the Burnaby Winter Club centrally located just off the #1 Highway. The Steelers encourage a family environment, as shown by last season being the first PIJHL team to adopt the Father’s trip to Squamish, inviting the dads of the players on the team bus for one of our road trips. The Steelers are consistently one of the top three teams in the PIJHL


The Steelers this season sent 4 roster players to Jr A mid season. Players who just a few short months prior were not playing Jr A, spent a short time with the Steelers and were then signed to Jr A cards. No other team in the league can boast that, and we are excited to move players on to the next level.

In 2013-14 we developed 13 players to the next level, this past season we moved 3 players to Jr A mid-season, and anticipate this off-season being no different.


The Steelers have what may be the best practice times in the league, 6:45pm on Wednesdays, 6:15pm on Thursdays all at the Burnaby Winter Club, and 8:00pm on Fridays at the PNE Agridome. Our Home games are Sunday afternoon at the Burnaby Winter Club


Along with the outlined above benefits of being a Steeler, the team provides each player with hockey bag and all outer gear for games (White helmets, gloves, home and away pant shells), unlimited supply of tape, water and Gatorade. We also are the only team in the league with a third jersey.

Each player also receives theirs to keep: track suit and track pants, Steelers hoody, home and away socks, dry-fit, and more. Team nights are also paid for, team dinners, movies, bowling etc

You also get the pride of wearing the Steelers S worn by so many in the past that have before and helped make the logo stand for what it does today


The Steelers sport a state of the art dressing room, players have been known to stay long after games or practices just to hang out there, with a big screen television, full cable, surround sound and private entrance, and bottled water is always cold and fully stocked. The team has their own skate sharpener for the times you can’t make it to your local pro shop. The room is the Steelers’ and the Steelers’ only, players leave equipment there to dry out between games and practice. 25 large stalls surround the room with the Steelers logo in the middle of the room.


Cost to play varies as most of the cost comes from league insurance fees, with total fees being significant less than most competitive Midget programs

If you have any other questions please direct them to, and we look forward to seeing you at training camp this June