All Time Top 50 Steelers

Grandview Steelers All Time Top 50 Players

Over 50 years, several great players have donned the Steelers jersey and represented #SteeltownPride.  Our top 50 represents those who have contributed to the Steelers family by performance on the ice, success in hockey beyond the Steelers, and commitment to the Steelers core values.

As part of our #Steeltown50 celebration, we have compiled all the historical stats and data available to compile the top 50 all time Grandview Steelers. The #Steeltown50 team spend weeks debating on who should make the top 50, it was no easy task.  We acknowledge that not everyone would agree with this list as it is a subjective take as there are many great Steelers who didn’t make the list.

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Steelers 1 to 50

01. Kyle Turris: 1 yr, 31 gms, 13g, 16a, 29 pts, 87 PIM
After 1 year with the Steelers went on to win a Royal Bank Cup Championship with the Burnaby Express, an appearance and the World Junior Championships and a first round NHL draft pick, Kyle presently is a star with the Ottawa Senators

02. Bracken Kearns: 2 yrs, 51g, 28a, 70 pts, 54 PIM
Bracken led the Steelers in scoring on the way to the 1999-2000 league finals. He went on to a 5 year career at the University of Calgary and a pro career that continues today. Modelling perseverance Bracken holds the distinction of being the oldest NHL player to score his first goal

03. Andrew Hammond: 2 yrs
“The Hamburglar” was a sensation for the Ottawa Senators on their playoff drive in 2015-16

04. Aldo Bruno: 20 yrs
After playing with the Steelers Aldo returned to coach the team in 1998 taking part ownership in 2005. Aldo remains the teams GM and is a 2 time PJHL coach of the year, 1 time executive of the year and the Steelers all time winningest coach with a 2007-08 provincial championship

05. Tyler Morley: 1 yr, 30 gms, 5g, 5a, 10 pts, 41 PIM
As 16 year old Tyler was a key cog in the 2007-08 championship run. After captaining Alaska in the NCAA and 2 years in the AHL Tyler is playing pro in the KHL

06. Billy Smith: 3 yrs, 133 gms, 56g, 127a, 183 pts, 100 PIM
Billy captained the 2008-09 Steelers leading the league in scoring after being an offensive leader on the 2008-0 Championship team

07. Ryan Hollweg: 1 yr, 41 gms, 23g, 27a, 50 pts, 135 PIM
As a 15 year old led there Steelers in scoring and followed up with a WHL career and a successful NHL career with stops in Toronto and New York

08. Dean Malkoc:
A long time NHL defenseman with Vancouver and Boston, Dean is now a scout with the Bruins

09. Tony Horacek:
Tony Horacek’ NHL career spanned from 1989-1995 with Philadelphia and& Chicago after getting his Jr hockey start with the Steelers

10. Dan Kesa:
Dan had NHL stops in Vancouver, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay. He also Captained the Detroit Vipers to the IHL Championships

11. Danielle Dube: No data available
Danielle was a pioneer in female hockey – after playing with the Steelers played on the Canadian National Women’s team from 1994-98 and again from 2000-02. She was the 3rd femail goalie to start for a professional men’s team with the Long Beach Ice Dogs. She was the BC Female athlete of the year in 1996 and played for the UBC Thunderbirds in 2012-13 leading the team to the Canada West championship in 2016

12. Dustin Mowrery: 1 yr, 48 gms, 38g, 28a, 66 pts, 69 PIM
Dustin was another in a long line of Steelers who won the PJHL rookie of the year award amassing 66 points in 48 games and helping the Steelers to the 2007-08 BC Championship. After 4 years in the BCHL Dustin had a successful 4 year college career in Cornell

13. Dave Wilkie: 1 yr, 42 gms, 44g, 32a, 76 pts, 76 PIM
Dave Wilkie led the Steelers in scoring on the way to the 1993-94 Championship season followed by a successful Jr A career and some time in the UK

14. Chad Egeland: 3 yrs, 95 gms, 55g, 68a, 123 pts, 157 PIM
Chad led the Steelers in scoring in the 95-96 season after helping the Steelers in his rookie year to the 1994 championship

15. Cody Rockson: 3 yrs, 137 gms, 44g, 37a, 81 pts, 228 PIM
Cody had a 3 year career with the Steelers highlighted by captaining the 2007-08 BC Champion Steelers

16. Alex Dick: 2 yrs, 58g, 49a, 107 pts
Alex led the league in scoring as a Steelers on the way to the 1967-68 league championship

17. Andrew Lord: No data available
After his 2000-01 year with the Steelers, Andrew went on to a 3 year BCHL career and 4 years at RPI in the NCAA. After some time in the ECHL and AHL, Andrew went to overseas and has had a successful career with the Cardiff Devils, last year become player coach, a rarity in pro hockey today.

18. Jonathan Ceci: 1 yr, 46 gms, 25g, 47a, 72 pts, 3 PIM
A rookie of the year in the PJHL in 2008-09, Jono went on to 3 years Jr A and a University career at SFU, graduating as the all-time BCIHL leading scorer

19. Kentaro Tanaka: 4 yrs, 181 gms, 54g, 151a, 205 pts, 114 PIM
Kenny played 4 yerars with the Steelers. With 205 points in his time with the Steelers is the team’s all time leading scorer*. Kenny has gone on to play pro hockey in Japan

20. Jason Castillo: 4 yrs, 178 gms, 75g, 82a, 157 pts, 284 PIM
Jason had a 4 year career with eh Steelers. A heart and soul guy, Jason was the winner of the PJHL most inspirational player award three times

21. Sasha Lakovic: 1 yr, 26 gms, 18g, 10a, 28 pts, 187 PIM
“the Pit Bull” had a stint in the NHL and a lengthy minor league career.

22. Don Stevenson: 2 yrs, 68g, 68a, 136 pts
Member of the inaugural 1967-1968 championship team & led the league in scoring in 1968-1969 with 85 pts.

23. Ryan Sidoni: 2 yrs, 73 gms, 61g, 76a, 137 pts, 85 PIM
In the early 1980’s, a leader on the Steelers offence.

24. Ryan Savage: 3 yrs, 114 gms, 48g, 80a, 128 pts, 351 PIM
A member of the 1994 championship team, led the Steelers in scoring in 1996-1997.

25. Tim Chow: 3 yrs, 118 gms, 38g, 83a, 121 pts, 143 PIM
A leader on and off the ice, led team to the finals.

26. Dean Townsend: 2 yrs, 78 gms, 49g, 58a, 107 pts, 173 PIM
Played on 1994 championship team. He led the team in scoring 1994-1995 and coached 1996-1998.

27. Barry Moscone: 3 yrs, 118 gms, 45g, 49a, 94 pts, 149 PIM
A key member of the 2007-2008 championship team and a leader on the club.

28. Paul Moscone: 2 yrs, 90 gms, 23g, 45a, 58 pts, 43 PIM
After 2 successful seasons with the Steelers, finished a career with SFU in the BCIHL with three championships, a league MVP & at graduation was the BCIHL all-time leading scorer.

29. Mike Moscone: no stats available
Mike played for the Steelers from 1972 through 1974. Upon his son’s becoming Steelers in 2006 Mike became and remains owner of the Steelers.

30. Tim Jardine: 2 yrs, 42 gms, 11g, 27a, 38 pts, 85 PIM
Tim was a stalwart on the Steelers blue line during the 1994 championship season. Tim sadly passed away after a freak accident during a game with the Steelers, his #14 has never been worn since.

31. Shane Henry: 1 yr, 35 gms, 45g, 44a, 89 pts.
In the late 80’s, a scoring juggernaut in the PJHL and for the Steelers!

32. Adam Rota: 3 yrs, 92 gms, 33g, 62a, 95 pts, 150 PIM.
In his 3 years, Rota was an offensive leader for the Steelers, was integral in all 3 consecutive playoff appearances.

33. Lucas Mercer: 4 yrs, 146 gms, 13g, 35a, 64 pts, 182 PIMS.
The rock on the Steelers blue line, was Captain in the 2016 – 2017 season.

34. Joey Pavone: 4 yrs, 183 gms, 47g, 62a, 109 pts, 182 PIMS.
A member of the 2007 – 2008 Championship team and team captain in ’09-’10.

35. Dean Shield: 2 yrs, 62 gms, 17g, 26a, 43 pts, 125 PIM.
A top defender for the Steelers and in the PJHL. He went on to play for the UBC Thunderbirds! #GoBirdsGo

36. Rob Klovance: 1 yr, 32g, 37a, 69 pts, 24 PIM.
One of the top scorers in the league. Terrifying goalies in 1977 – 1978.

37. Ralph Malito: 2 yrs, 65 gms, 43g, 44a, 87 pts, 97 PIM.
A Steelers super star during the 90’s.

38. Justin Elliott: 3 yrs, 114 gms, 26g, 47a, 63 pts, 36 PIM.
Played three years with the Steelers. Was the team Captain in his 20 year old season.

39. Kurtis Astle: 2 yr, 78 gms, 36g, 49a, 117 pts, 45 PIM.
After 2 years with the Steelers, played Jr A in Saskatchewan and moved onto a successful coaching career!

40. Curtis Roccheti: 4 yrs, 168 gms, 38g, 45a, 83 pts, 426 PIM.
A Steelers for 4 years. Member of 2007 – 2008 championship team. Became captain in 2010 – 2011.

41. Matt Ehrenreich: 3 yrs, 140 gms, 49g, 82a, 131 pts, 180 PIM.
A leader on the 2007-2008 team, 131 points over 3 years.

42. Jim Ross: 3 yrs, 122 gms, 1g, 15a, 16 pts, 172 PIM
Jim has gone on to play several years of Pro hockey in Germany after his Steelers Career

43. Bobby Henderson: 1 yr, 39 gms, 0g, 11a, 11 pts, 414 PIM.
Bobby is now a successful BCHL coach with the Jr. A Langley Riverman

44. Colton Schock: 5 yrs, 180 gms, 7g, 22a, 29 pts, 171 PIM.
The only player to play 5 seasons with the Steelers.

45. Trevor Hanson: 2 yrs, 31 gms, 2g, 15a, 17 pts, 153 PIM.
After playing Juniors with the Steelers, he became a referee in the NHL

46. Andrew Hogan: 3 yrs, 119 gms, 37g, 55a, 92 pts, 1065 PIM.
Spent 3 years with the team and was team captain in 2004-2005.

47. Spencer Hamade: 4 yrs, 149 gms, 43g, 87a, 130 pts, 186 PIM.
Spent 4 years with the team amassing 130 points.

48. Dave Mitchel: 3 yrs, 116 gms, 51g, 71a, 122 pts, 530 PIM.
Steelers MVP in 1998-1999.

49. Stevan Matic: 1 yr, 32 gms, 10g, 10a, 20 pts, 108 PIM.
After a successful college career, returned to coach the Steelers, now the current Head Coach.

50. Todd Cunningham: 2 yrs, 81 gms, 14g, 31a, 45 pts, 125 PIM.
Captained the Steelers to the 1999-2000 league finals!